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equity for moms and babies in NC

EMBRACe is a cross-sector collaboration involving a rural hospital, community health centers, social services and public health that aims to address inequities in birth outcomes through community-lead systems change and re-alignment. Jen has served on the EMBRACe leadership team since its inception in 2020, supporting projects related to shared governance across agencies, inter-agency perinatal coordination, and internal and external equity strategy. She has also supported program design and successful grant application submissions.

Health Collaborative Equity Strategy


In the Fall of 2022, Jen partnered with a Chicago-based health collaborative  to support development of its equity strategic plan. Over several months, Jen collaborated with community-based committees and program leadership to design a plan tailored to the local area that serves as a roadmap to implementing all program strategies with equity and inclusion.

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Data design and management


Data can be intimidating, confusing or just plain messy. But when data collection becomes part of your regular workflow, and is designed to measure something meaningful, its value becomes more obvious. Connexus can help you uncover the value of the data you have, as well as find practical ways of gathering new data, by expanding your own data collection and analysis or partnering with like-minded agencies.

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